Owning a home health care or caregiving service may lead you to handling and maintaining medical documents and records. These records are for each client and contain your clients' vital statistics as well as medical information related to their particular needs. These may be medical documents from their doctor's office or other authorized and private documentation. Over time you will need to manage these documents in different ways. Here are a few of the medical document management services your caregiving business needs. 

Requesting Medical Documentation

One of the leading medical document management services you may need is requesting medical documentation and files. These requests are authorized by the patient or their families if the patient is unable to legally handle the request on their own. These requests are sent to the patient's doctor and medical records are then requested to be sent to your caregiving business. The key step in this service is following up with the doctor to ensure they are sending the medical records and when. This step alone can be time-consuming, especially with multiple patients. A management service can help with this process. 

End of Shift Documentation

There are so many issues that can occur during a shift with a caregiver. Vital stats are taken at routine times. There is also intake and output of food and beverages. Medication management and dispensing may also be part of the patient and caregiver interaction. All of these things must be noted in the patient's medical document management. You must also be able to access the information easily and search easily for specific days when necessary. A document management service software can be implemented that can be accessed by your caregiver and managed by the software or the management service as needed. 

Incident Reporting and Documentation

Incidents are part of caregiving. These incidents may be mild, such as the patient yelling or feeling disturbed during the day. They may also be massive to include, such as skin tears or a fall. These issues must be reported and documented fully in the electronic medical record. Your medical document management service can install software that allows caregivers to enter this information and for supporting documents to be uploaded to the patient's file. This information can be stored securely on a server or in the cloud access of the management service. 

When you are ready to move forward with electronic medical records management and medical document management for your caregiving business, contact your local medical document group. They can discuss your needs and your client load. They can then discuss what options they have that would best suit your caregiving business needs. In many cases, virtual workers can work from home to assist you with your management services, or off-site workers can also handle the caseload.

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